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Joint Statement by Generals Timo Kivinen and Micael Bydén

Defence Forces
Publication date 21.1.2022 16.43
Press release

The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Timo Kivinen, and the Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Micael Bydén, held a virtual meeting on the 21st JAN concerning the current security situation and bilateral military cooperation.

Bilateral military cooperation between Finland and Sweden has been advanced in the previous years, with the basis stated in the common Memorandum of Understanding (2018). Exchange of information and situational awareness between the nations is active on all levels. The cooperation aims at strengthening the security of the Baltic Sea region as well as the defence capabilities of Finland and Sweden. The cooperation covers all situations, and no restrictions are set in advance for intensified bilateral cooperation.

Finland and Sweden continue to enhance the bilateral military cooperation.