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Pass-in-review on Kirkkokatu at 13:15

Army 25.5.2018 10.24
Press release
Panssariajoneuvot ajavat Helsingin kaduilla

The pass-in-review beginning on Kirkkokatu at 13:15 will be preceded by an Utti Jaeger Brigade parachute jump with the Finnish flag onto the park of Lakeuden puisto.

The pass-in-review will start at the crossing of Vapaudentie and Kirkkokatu at 13:15 by dismounted marching detachments that will be followed by motorised detachments. Altogether, the pass-in-review will be participated by approximately 1,200 persons as well as 40 vehicles and 16 aircraft.

The troops will march from the Stadium along Kirkkokatu in the direction of the city centre.

The public will be encouraged to be on either side of Kirkkokatu well in advance to be able to observe the pass-in-review on time.

In front of the Seinäjoki City Hall, the pass-in-review will be reviewed by Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg together with the representative of the war veterans Unto Nyystilä and the representative of the City of Seinäjoki Kimmo Heinonen.


1. Parade Troops’ Commander
2. Swallow-tailed state flag (PORI BDE)
3. Jaeger Flag (ARMD BDE )
4. Veterans' mass standards
5. Finnish Army Colour Party, Army Academy
6. Finnish Navy Colour Party, Naval Academy
7. Finnish Air Force Colour Party, Satakunta Air Command
8. National Defence University
9. Guard Jaeger Regiment
10. Pori Brigade
11. Armoured Brigade
12. Karelia Brigade
13. Kainuu Brigade
14. Utti Jaeger Regiment
15. Nyland Brigade
16. Local Defence Company
17. Peacekeepers Association's detachment
18. Soldiers' Home Association detachment
19. National Defence Training Association detachment
20. Women’s National Emergency Preparedness Association detachment
21. Women's National Defence Union detachment
22. Massed Standards of National Defence Organisations

Moottoroidut joukot

1. Pori Brigade

• 2x Armoured Personnel Carrier XA-360
• 2x Armoured Mortar Vehicle XA-361 AMOS
• 2x Tactical Patrol Vehicle RG32
• 4x Armoured Personnel Carrier XA203
• 1x Mobile Command Post (MCO) Vehicle XA202
• 2x Armoured Personnel Carrier XA180M
• 2x Field Gun 155 K 98
• 1x Heavy Rocket Launcher 298

2. Guard Jaeger Regiment

• 2x Off-road motorcycle
• 2x Off-road ATV
• 6x Armoured Personnel Carrier SISU XA-185

3. Armoured Brigade

• 2x Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A6
• 2x Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP2
• 1x Armoured Howitzer K9 Thunder
• 2x Surface-to-air missile 12 NASAMS II FIN

4. Karelia Brigade

• 2x Infantry Fighting Vehicle CV9030
• 1x Target acquisition radar M87
• 4x Off-road ATV and Surface-to-air missile (ITO 15)

5. Navy

• Anti-ship missile battery launch vehicle

The Navy Band