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Review of Troops at Senate Square 4.6.

Publication date 22.5.2017 10.56
Press release

The review of troops on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces starts at the Senate Square on 4 June 2017 at 1200 hours. The parade troops deploy at the Senate Square at 1120 hours which means that it is worth being there on time. Both the review of troops and pass in review may be watched live on screens at the Senate Square, Kauppatori and Kansalaistori Square.

The parade is reviewed by President of Finland Sauli Niinistö with Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces General Jarmo Lindberg.

The parade troops are commanded by Army Chief of Staff Major General Petri Hulkko.

The field devotional is held by Field Bishop Pekka Särkiö.

The music is performed by the Guards Band conducted by Senior Conductor Major (Mus.) Pasi-Heikki Mikkola with Marching Bandmaster Captain Hannu Simoinen.

This year the Guard Jaeger Regiment is in charge of organising the parade.

The parade troops arrive and deploy for the review of troops at the Senate Square at 1120 hours from the corner of Unioninkatu and Hallituskatu.

The review of troops proceeds as follows:

  • At 11.20 Deployment of parade troops at Senate Square
  • At 11.51 Parade Commander takes command
  • At 11.55 Swallow-tailed State Flag is received from the direction of Unioninkatu
  • At 12 Parade Commander reports the troops to President of Finland who reviews the troops and gives a speech
  • Raising three cheers to the fatherland
  • National Anthem Maamme
  • Field devotional and hymn 577, 1st and 2nd stanzas
  • End of review of troops, preparing for the pass in review