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Bold Quest 19.1

The multinational joint fires interoperability demonstration and assessment event took place in Finland. The main location was the town of Sodankylä.

Finland was the host nation of Bold Quest 19.1 held in April-May 2019. Bold Quest 19.1 was a multinational joint fires interoperability demonstration and assessment event sponsored and facilitated by the United States Joint Staff.

The main location was the town of Sodankylä, from where the Finnish Defence Forces, together with the US Joint Staff, led the demonstration and assessment activities taking place in multiple locations around Finland and around the world.

Bold Quest is formally known as the Coalition Capability Demonstration and Assessment, in which Nations, Services and Programs pool their resources to improve interoperability and information sharing. Multiple command locations, systems and virtual simulators will take part in the event from outside Finland via established joint and coalition distributed networks.

The live fires portion of the demonstration took place in the Rovajärvi Firing Range. Air operations took place from the Rissala and Rovaniemi airfields, and were centred around the Rovajärvi area and Rissala environs. Also, other army, navy and air force training areas were used, as well as the garrison areas of Sodankylä, Rissala, Riihimäki and Turku.

Approximately 700 Finnish soldiers participated in the event. From abroad Finland hosted approximately 1,500 participants from several countries. 

The goal of Bold Quest is to demonstrate and assess the command and control interoperability of joint fires sensors and related systems in a multinational operating environment. The event tests and demonstrates the functional and technical interoperability of ground, sea and air-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and joint fires systems. Some of the demonstration fires will be live-fire exercises and some simulated.

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