Training 2020 Programme

The Finnish Defence Forces will renew overall conscript training as well as the practices relating to the liability for military service by means of implementing the Training 2020 Programme.

The implementation of the Training 2020 Programme will facilitate developing the call-up system, service selections, training system entity as well as methods of instruction. The objective involves transforming the training path undertaken by a person liable for military service all the way from being liable for the call-ups to becoming part of the reserve to feature optimally fluent transitions along the way.

The set level for the training objectives will remain high. The objective will equal implementing high-impact, cost-effective training that meets the challenges posed by the future security environment. This effective and goal-oriented training will benefit both the defence system and the given individual.

Utilising up-to-date technology, the training implemented will harness the trainees with increasing responsibility for their own individual learning in accordance with modern views on learning. Furthermore, training efforts will be reinforced and achieved learning outcomes systematically measured.

The concept for the Training 2020 Programme will undergo piloted testing that will comprise experiments carried out in a number of brigade-level units across Finland. The identified set of best practices will then become integrated as part of the Training 2020 Programme proper. As such, the Training 2020 programme forms part of the continuing improvement process of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The Training 2020 Programme will entail developing the following sub-areas:

  • Call-ups and service selections
  • Digitalisation will be utilised in enhancing information transmission. The Finnish Defence Forces’ E-service will be available for all persons liable for military service.
  • Modern instruction methods
  • Simulation, online and virtual training will become a natural part of the instruction offered for persons liable for military service.
  • Training will assume modular structures, which in turn will support redefining the sub-objectives and ensuring calibrated training results. In addition, the number of transitions and waiting times will become reduced.
  • The set competence objectives for learning will steer the training implementation. The instructor’s role as a facilitator will become pronounced. Training will support sustaining overall capability with physical, mental, social and ethical capabilities as its sub-components.

Training system

  • The scheduled training times will be examined from the viewpoint of the set competence objectives for learning.
  • The impact of the training system will be systematically assessed by focusing in this analysis on the learning outcomes, time efficiency, cost-efficiency, and optimal utilisation of resources and facilities.
  • The readiness unit training will be further developed.
  • The reserve training system will be further developed. In the future, the Finnish Defence Forces’ E-service will also cover the reservists’ service needs.
  • Demanding training exercise activities will be reinforced. The set level for the training objectives will remain high and the training implemented will become increasingly comprehensive.

This site will continue publishing information on the sequenced development of the Training 2020 Programme. Currently, the most significant piloting projects relating to the Training 2020 Programme are underway as part of the training of the Contingent 2/18 in the Pori Brigade, Coastal Brigade and Air Force Academy. Additional information on the development projects of the Training 2020 Programme will also be available through the Finnish Defence Forces’ social media channels with #koulutus2020.