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Finland's defence 

As of 1.7.2017, the Defence Forces will have four statutory tasks. In all these tasks, the Defence Forces promote security in Finland and its surroundings.

The tasks of the Defence Forces are:

Military defence of Finland

  • monitoring of land, water and airspace and ensuring territorial integrity
    • to guarantee the living conditions of the population, fundamental rights and freedoms and to safeguard the freedom of action of the government and the legal order of society
    • to provide military training, steer voluntary defence training and strengthen the will to defend the country.
    •  Support to other authorities
  • Participation in the provision of international assistance
  • Participation in international military crisis management.

A successful foreign policy and diplomacy maintains security under normal conditions. As a last resort, Finland guarantees the security of its territory through military defence.

The aim is to guarantee in all situations

  • safe living conditions for citizens
  • the functional capacity of society
  • the preservation of independence.

The Defence Forces have a reserve, the extent of which makes it possible to defend the whole country. In addition to soldiers, our defence system consists of weapons and other materiel. The system is designed to withstand armed attacks with the intention of conquering our country.

Basics of defense

The Finnish Defence Forces defend the whole of Finland. The aim is for the areas that are important in terms of defence to remain in our own possession. Objects that are important for the functions of society are protected.

In areas other than the country's core areas, the goal is to exhaust and delay the invaders. The aim is to fight the main battles in terrain favorable to the defender. Defence is supported by attacks on the enemy's most important targets and by electronic warfare.

The future of the defence solution

As security threats change, defence methods are reassessed. Future defence solutions can consider, for example, developments in the security situation in our neighbouring areas as well as environmental and terrorism-related threats.

Preparing for military strikes and safeguarding territorial integrity will remain important parts of Finland's defence