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Defence Command Legal Division

We provide legal expertise to support the Finnish Defence Forces planning and military and administrative decision making.

The Legal Division ensures the legality and legal protection of the Finnish Defence Forces' actions in all conditions. Defence Command Legal Division

  • monitors and directs military administration of justice
  • conducts the pre-trial investigations of the most serious military offences.
  • administers the participation of the Finnish Defence Forces in preparing legislation
  • safeguards the interest of the Finnish Defence Forces in the courts and in public administration proceedings.

The Legal Division and the Finnish Defence Forces legal branch are led by the Chief Legal Advisor of the Defence Forces. In addition to the Legal Division, legal advisors also serve in the Intelligence Division, in service commands, in the Defence Forces Logistics Command HQ and in the National Defence University. The legal advisers in the service commands provide legal expertise specifically in matters related to the legal safeguards of conscripts and reservists.