Puolustusvoimien tutkimus- ja kehittämistoiminta

Research within the Finnish Defence Forces

The global security environment is changing rapidly. Technology is developing at an increasing pace, transforming the character of warfare. The Defence Forces must have the capacity of swiftly reacting to changes as well as anticipating future developments. R&D plays a crucial role.

Creating capabilities and competencies

R&D activities of the Finnish Defence Forces aim at creating the basis for the long-term development of defence capabilities. R&D also maintains the capacity to respond to challenges stemming from the global security environment.

Research informs decision making at the Defence Command. Studies updating strategic situational awareness, analysis of security threats and foresight of future developments lay the foundations for right decision making.

In addition to producing new knowledge and applications, R&D creates and maintains know-how and expertise required for the planning, production, use and maintenance of defence capabilities. Moreover, R&D lays the foundation for the higher education of officers and experts.

Also the strategic capability projects of the Finnish Defence Forces are grounded in research. R&D supports the projects of replacing the operational capabilities of the Marine Forces´ combat vessels (Squadron 2020) as well as the Air Forces´ F/A 18 aircraft (HX Fighter Program).

Basic and applied research

The Finnish Defence Forces mainly engage in such research that cannot be acquired elsewhere, or where possessing self-sufficient expertise is critically important.

Most of the technological R&D carried out by the Defence Forces is applied research, concept development and experimentation. A large share of this research is carried out by the Finnish Defence Research Agency. In addition, defence branches pursue R&D enhancing their core activities. Furthermore, the Centre for Military Medicine studies i.a. the optimal functioning of human beings as well as the detection of and protection from chemical and biological threats.

A part of defence R&D is basic research aiming at an understanding of a new phenomenon without immediate applications being yet in sight. Such research is carried out, for instance, in military sciences at the National Defence University responsible for educating Finnish officers.