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Prevention of discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the Defence Forces

In the Defence Forces, everyone must ensure objective behaviour, open interaction and the promotion of a good operating culture. It is essential to act in accordance with the rules, regulations and timetables governing work, studies and duties.

esponsibility is expressed in appreciating one's fellow human beings, doing things together and helping others, as well as in good deeds, kindness and a positive attitude towards performing the tasks. Good work community and interaction skills are part of the competence associated with carrying out the tasks. These skills promote the performance of work, studies and the performance of duties in a meaningful and smooth manner.

The Finnish Defence Forces is a diverse community, where people have different ways of working and viewpoints in terms of work, studies or service. Meeting different people and differences in views is part of normal interaction. The fact that someone is different and that there are differences in views must not lead to discrimination or inappropriate behaviour. The organisational culture should be open, encouraging and permissive in terms of differences between people.