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Defence Command Public Information Division

The Defence Command Public Information Division is in charge of the Defence Forces' overall public information tasks.

The job of the division is to support the leadership of the Finnish Defence Forces in public information related matters and to draw up all centralised press releases of the Defence Forces and the Defence Command.

The Public Information Division is responsible for

  • public information strategy
  • training
  • planning of crisis preparedness
  • webpages, social media and the intranet
  • the Finnish Defence Forces reputation management
  • visual look

The head of the Public Information Division functions as the Defence Forces Director of Public Information.

Sectors of the Public Information Division

The information sector's responsibilities include the Defence Forces centralised public information releases and online communication.

The planning sector plans and leads the Defence Forces' peacetime and wartime public information and administers its operational planning, public information personnel and their training. It also leads the Defence Forces' community marketing.

The Ruotuväki sector publishes the Finnish Defence Forces' Ruotuväki newspaper and its online version and instructs other actors in the Defence Forces on journalistic matters.