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Bild Försvarsmakten, Sean Ryan och Jere Toivanen.

International activities

The stability of neighbouring regions is important for Finland's security. The Finnish Defence Forces represent Finland abroad in operations that create peace in our environment. We implement Finland's security policy in practice both at home and abroad.

Our peacekeepers work in crisis areas around the world to improve security. Finnish volunteers serve in UN and NATO tasks from the Balkans to Pakistan.

International cooperation brings safety and boosts development

Finland engages in cooperation in international organisations to enhance trust between states. The Finnish Defence Forces, for instance, help implement agreements according to which states may monitor each other's armed forces. Finland's most important cooperation partners are the other Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and the EU and NATO.

The Defence Forces' international cooperation includes exercises with other partner nations. We also send personnel abroad for educational purposes and ensure that our equipment comply with international standards.