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The Defence Forces are committed to responsibility in their operations

We operate environmentally friendly within the Finnish Defence Forces. We strive to reduce waste generation and improve sorting. Sustainable development is considered in the Defence Forces' materiel procurement: material handling is being developed to extend its life cycle and new alternatives are being sought to dispose of the material to be taken out of use. The implementation of the statutory duties of the Defence Forces may have an impact on the environment. These effects have been identified and managed and mitigated through systematic and effective environmental protection activities. We also consider natural and environmental values in the military areas. Raising consumer awareness and environmental responsibility themes is part of conscript training.

For the Defence Forces, all conscripts and employees are equal. We support sustainable development by making conscript training a safe and encouraging breeding ground for young Finns. We take the gender equality and non-discrimination perspective into account in our daily operations and in long-term planning and implementation. We do not accept discrimination and inappropriate behavior within the Defence Forces. The well-being of our staff is important to us, and competent and functional staff is an important part of our capability and societal impact.

The legality and responsibility of the Defence Forces' activities are effectively monitored through internal and external control, internal audit and the Defence Forces' legality control. Anyone who suspects that he or she has discovered illegalities in the activities of the Defence Forces can report it through the legality control channels.

The Defence Forces as a responsible actor

Corporate social responsibility — The Defence Forces’ tasks support the sustainable development of our society. Visit this website for more information.

Environment — The Defence Forces take the environment into account in everything they do. Read more on this website.

Equality and gender equality in the Finnish Defence Forces — Equality and gender equality are top priorities in the Finnish Defence Forces. You can find more information on this topic on this website.

Prevention of discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the Defence Forces