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Plans and Policy Division Defence Command Finland

The division plans and develops the Finnish defence system.

Its work supports the Finnish Defence Forces' strategic command. The Plans and Policy Division provides the basis for capability building, maintenance and use, as well as for services.

Tasks of the Plans and Policy Division

The division's activities are divided into planning and finance. It is responsible for the financial administration duties assigned to the Defence Forces

In planning the division is responsible for

  • the Finnish Defence Forces research and development
  • strategic planning
  • developing administration and activities
  • planning of the Defence Forces' activities and resources
  • information and quality management
  • corporate governance of the Defence Forces SAP software system
  • internal audit guidance
  • Defence Forces resource planning and risk management

The Plans and Policy Division is responsible for the Defence Forces' international military cooperation and national and international politico-military preparation for crisis management operations. It directs the Finnish military representatives and those serving in international staff duties.

The Plans and Policy Division directs and coordinates the internal cooperation of the defence administration. It also coordinates the Defence Forces cooperation with other sectors of the government and authorities, with different countries militaries and with international military organizations.

Furthermore, it directs the Finnish Defence Research Agency and the information management and financial administration of the Defence Forces Shared Services Centre.