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Sotilas ampumassa ilmatorjuntaohjusta Lohtajalla. Kuva Thomas Lichtfiled, Puolustusvoimat.

Responsible managers for the areas

Each firing and training area of the Defence Forces has its own person in charge.

The manager in charge represents a unit or administrative unit designated for the task and responsible for many practical measures related to the use of the area. A large part of the areas are managed by troop units.

The person in charge receives questions and reports on matters related to his firing range. For example, you can ask the person in charge about the tours used at the shooting ranges or the effects of shooting on the surrounding environment.

Duties of the person in charge

The person in charge is responsible for the maintenance and development of the area. Defines the objectives that the area must meet – for example, the goal of the area may be that conscripts should be able to practice basic and combat shooting in the area. The person in charge is also responsible for the safety and security arrangements in the area.

The managers responsible for the firing and training areas monitor annually how much ammunition is used in the areas. They also manage the use of the areas, for example, by allocating shifts.

The troop units and administrative units responsible for the command monitor the environmental impact of the use of areas and, if necessary, organise information meetings for the residents of the area. The duties of the responsible persons include cooperating with other actors in the fields, such as negotiations with authorities and participation in consultation processes related to spatial planning.