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The Finnish Defence Forces E-invoicing

The Finnish Defence Forces receives, processes and archives its purchase invoices in electronic form only. The Finnish Defence Forces e-invoice operator is changing on 1 March 2021. Our new invoice operator is Apix Messaging Oy. 

Our electronic invoicing address is:  

Operator code Apix Messaging Oy 003723327487

Invoicing address/Electronic Data Interchange number: See our EDI list below.

Business ID 0952029-9

International VAT number FI09520299

The Finnish Defence Forces’ purchase order number must be mentioned on the invoice to expedite its processing.

You can send electronic attachments with your e-invoices. We recommend these attachments be pdfs.  
We cannot accept invoices sent by email, as these are not e-invoices. We return paper invoices to senders unpaid. 

We ask that you send invoices to the Finnish Defence Forces primarily as e-invoices. If you are unable to send an electronic invoice, you may submit it through our invoice portal.

The portal Internet address is:

New users are asked to email [email protected] , so that a portal account may be created, and you will receive a user ID and password. 

If you have any questions on the use of the invoice portal, please contact Apix Messaging Oy customer service: +358 (0)9 4289 1324; [email protected].

In questions relating to the e-invoice claim and e-invoice services in the Finnish Defence Forces, please contact Planning Coordinator Suvi Markkinen-Nyman,
e-mail: suvi.markkinen-nyman(at)

Finnish Defence Forces e-invoice addresses


1st Logistics Regiment    00370952029966400
2nd Logistics Regiment    00370952029966500
3rd Logistics Regiment    00370952029966600
Air Force Academy    00370952029988710
Joint Systems Centre    00370952029966200
Jaeger Brigade    00370952029992300
Guard Jaeger Regiment    00370952029991800
Kainuu Brigade    00370952029992200
Karelia Air Command    00370952029988650
Karelia Brigade    00370952029993100
Lapland Air Command    00370952029988610
Air Force Command Finland    00370952029988500
Logistics School    00370952029966180
National Defence University      00370952029910210
Army Academy    00370952029990330
Army Command Finland    00370952029993400
Naval Academy    00370952029958200
Navy Command Finland    00370952029958000
Armoured Brigade    00370952029991100
Pori Brigade    00370952029994100
Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency     00370952029910120
Defence Forces Logistics Command Headquarters    00370952029966100
Defence Forces Shared Services Centre    00370952029910300
Defence Forces Shared Services Centre/ International Branch    00370952029910310
Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency    00370952029910400
Finnish Defence Research Agency    00370952029910500
Defence Command Finland    00370952029910000
Coastal Fleet    00370952029958100
Coastal Brigade    00370952029958250
Explosives Centre    00370952029960690
Satakunta Air Command    00370952029988630
Centre for Military Medicine     00370952029910270
Utti Jaeger Regiment    00370952029993300
Nyland Brigade    00370952029951200