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Poliisi ja sotilaat tekevät yhteistyötä. Puolustusvoimat tukee viranomaisia tarvittaessa. Avunanto viranomaisille on yksi lakisääteisistä tehtävistämme. Kuva Puolustusvoimat, Ruotuväki.

Cooperation between authorities

One of the statutory tasks of the Defence Forces is to support other authorities, in other words executive assistance.

Upon request, we provide assistance in order to:

  • secure society
  • maintain order
  • prevent terrorist offences.

The Finnish Defence Forces may provide assistance to another state as a result of a terrorist attack, natural disaster, major accident or other similar event.

The Finnish Defence Forces support other authorities mainly when their own resources are insufficient. We can support the authorities by sending out skilled personnel or equipment according to the requirements of the task.   

The number of executive assistance assignments is several hundred per year. Most often, it is the rescue department and the police who ask for assistance. Typical executive assistance assignments are clearing wartime ammunition, isolating areas and searching for persons.