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Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency  

Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency FDFC5A provides the Defence Forces information technology services. One of our tasks include cyber defence.

The agency is an institution subordinate to Defence Command Finland, our supreme command headquarters. We operate in 17 locations around Finland. The agency has about 500 employees, mainly civilians.

The organisation

The agency has the following divisions:

  • Headquarters
  • IT-Services Division
  • Four CIS support divisions
  • Cyber Division
  • C5I School.

The headquarters controls the production of the different services. It monitors and controls the Defence Forces’ technical systems and implements procurement. The headquarters is the executive office and provides other divisions with expert support.

The IT-Services Division provides services for operational information systems and integrates the acquired information and communications technology services into the Defence Forces.

The CIS support divisions produce operational IT-support for management units, they support training activities and they maintain security technology.

The Cyber Division protects data networks and services, and develops cyber defence. The division maintains the Defence Forces’ cyber situational awareness.


We have partnerships with Suomen Erillisverkot Oy and Government ICT Centre Valtori.

Suomen Erillisverkot Oy and Government ICT Centre Valtori produce and maintain network services with which the Defence Forces engage in cooperation with other authorities. Government ICT Centre Valtori gives the Defence Forces and other government authorities technical support.