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Regional Offices

Regional Offices serve conscripts based on their home municipality. Please find out what the Regional Office for your municipality is, and contact the right office.

When you call the Regional Office, a phone authentication service will be used for identification purposes. On the phone, the authentication procedure is as follows:

  1. Call the Regional Office.
  2. Identify yourself by logging onto the e-service provided by the Finnish Defence Forces’ available online at
  3. You will access the FDF e-service by identifying yourself with your online banking codes, mobile certificate, or certificate card, either while on the phone or before making the phone call. You may do the logon on the same device that you use for calling or on another device. While on the phone, the customer service will guide you through on how to complete the phone authentication. 

Please consider that you may not sort out all matters relating to the liability for military service on the phone. The customer service will advise you as to whether the matter that concerns you can be dealt with while on the phone, or if you need to visit the Regional Office in person. 

Regional Offices