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HX Fighter Program and Squadron 2020- Strategic projects in defence

Strategic capability projects aim at replacing Navy and Air Force capabilities intended to be phased out.

In the 2020s, the main systems of two Services- the Hornet multi-role fighters of the Air Force and several vessel classes of the Navy- will be decommissioned almost at the same time. The HX Fighter Program of the Air Force and Squadron 2020 of the Navy which will replace the capabilities to be phased out are strategic projects vital for Finland’s military defence.

The HX Fighter Program was set up to replace the capability provided by the Hornet fighter for our defence system starting from 2025. Fighters safeguard the integrity of Finland’s airspace, protect society from air attacks and provide support for the combat of the Army and the Navy.

The aim of Squadron 2020 is to replace seven vessels the Navy will decommission. Four modern corvettes will be procured to replace the vessels to be decommissioned. These new Navy vessels will be an indispensable part of naval defence. They are intended for repelling attacks from the sea and securing vital assets at sea and in the archipelago.