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Defence Forces Shared Services Centre

The Defence Forces Shared Services Centre provides and coordinates support services within the Defence Forces. The services are aimed at creating shared procedures and streamlining administration. The customers include both individual employees and the Defence Forces’ administrative units. The Shared Services Centre has offices in Joensuu, Tampere, Tuusula and Mikkeli. 

The Shared Services Centre produces shared support services including: 

  • Personnel services
  • Financial and travel services 
  • Information management services
  • Learning (ADL) and image services 
  • User support services (Service Point)

The Personnel Services Unit provides centralized recruitment services involving civilians, non-commissioned and special officers. It also provides services related to employee housing and recreational areas as well as support and financial administration services for personnel assigned to international posts (excl. crisis management duties). 

Defence Forces centralized recruiting services: rekrytointi.pvpalvk(at)

Employee housing services: asunnot.pv(at)

Financial and travel services include the Defence Forces’ centralized bookkeeping as well as services involving the handling of travel, expense and purchase invoices.  

The Information Management Services Unit provides development and maintenance services related to information systems, analytics and automation.  In addition, information management services comprise document management guidance and supervision as well as development of document management procedures in the Defence Forces. 

Learning (ADL) and image services provides various services related to saving image and sound, graphic design planning and publishing and learning material packages for all  units of the Defence Forces.  The unit maintains virtual learning environments and provides course services at the Defence Forces’ course centre in Tuusula.  

The Defence Forces’ Service Point receives and solves end users’ support service requests. 

Contact information:

Tel. +358 (0) 299 800 (Defence Forces switchboard)

Email: puolustusvoimienpalvelukeskus(at) or kirjaamo.pvpalvk(at)

Defence Forces Shared Services Centre
P.O. BOX 77, 80101 JOENSUU
Länsikatu 15, Joensuu

Defence Forces Shared Services Centre Tuusula
Rantatie 66, 04310Tuusula

Defence Forces Shared Services Centre Tampere
P.O. BOX  69, 33541 TAMPERE
Address: Hatanpään valtatie 30, 33540 Tampere

Service Point: Aitovuorentie 12, 33610 Tampere
Defence Forces Shared Services Centre  Mikkeli
P.O. BOX 701, 50101 MIKKELI
Karkialampi Rak3, Mikkeli