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The Finnish Defence Research Agency

Defence Research Agency is a multidisciplinary research and development organisation that provides advanced research, development, testing, and evaluation services for defence. The Agency concentrates on strategy, military science, behavioural sciences, and several different technologies.

Defence Research Agency's mission is

  • to establish a robust knowledge base for military capability development
  • to develop strategic and operational level concepts and technological solutions and to ensure their functionality, compliance with requirements and compatibility.

The Research Agency has five highly specialised research divisions:

  • Concepts and Doctrine Division (Riihimäki)
  • Energetic and CBRN Technology Division (Ylöjärvi)
  • Information Technology Division (Riihimäki)
  • Weapons Technology Division (Ylöjärvi)
  • Human Performance Division (Tuusula).

The Agency researches technologies, human performance, and the operation of troops. Multidisciplinary approach is needed in order to respond to the current and future challenges in defence. The Finnish Defence Research Agency FDRA is a military institution under the authority of Defence Command Finland.