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Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency

The Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency is an institution under the Defence Command that creates awareness among decision-makers by collecting, analysing and reporting intelligence on military strategy and the military situation in the immediate area.

The task of the Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency is to:

  • Responsible for the Defence Administration's location and security clearence information service
  • training in military intelligence and security operations
  • support for crisis management operations;

Most of the agency is located in Helsinki and Jyväskylä, but parts of the agency also operate nationwide in other locations. The intelligence agency is headed by Colonel Markku Pajuniemi.

Intelligence School

The Intelligence School is a department within the Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency that offers sector-specific training and training in security management within the military intelligence service. Training is provided to the personnel of the Defence Forces, the Border Guard, the police and other cooperation partners.

Topographers Corps

The Topographer Corps is a separate unit under the Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency Command, which steers the Defence Forces' geospatial and permit data sector by planning, instructing and supervising the development, maintenance and implementation of location and permit data support.

The old Finnish Defence Forces' aviation and map data have been archived at the National Land Survey. For questions related to these, go to the page or contact the National Land Survey's customer service: Contact information for customer service 

Vacancies in the Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency

Vacancies at the Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency can be found behind this link