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Finnish Defence Forces most usual forms are here. Fill the questionnaire primarily at The PDF forms are intended to be filled in using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Conscripts and reservists

 Application for changing date of entry into service/service location Asiointi PDF
 Recruit Questionnaire (preliminary questionnaire for military service) Asiointi PDF

Concerning health

 Questionnaire on military service and for examination of health   PDF
 Medical examination form   PDF
 Military Medicine Archive Document order   PDF

In German

 Fragebogen zum Wehrdienst und für die Untersuchung des Gesundheitszustandes   PDF
 Musterungsärztliche Untersuchung   PDF

In French

 Questionnaire sur le service et l´état de santé   PDF
 Avis du médecin sur l´état de santé   PDF


Permissions concerning areas

 Application for flight into restircted area PDF
 Application for permission concerning activity in a restricted area PDF
 Permission Application for Aerial Photography PDF
 Application for permission concerning activity in a restircted area PDF