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Research divisions

The Research Agency has five highly specialised research divisions.

Concepts and Doctrine Division

The Concepts and Doctrine Division supports the Defence Forces’ strategic planning and decision making by

  • analysing and anticipating the strategic operating environment of the future.
  • developing strategic and operational level concepts and operating principles.
  • conducting entire defence system exercise planning for widescale national and international strategic-operational level and operational-tactical level exercises.

Energetic and CBRN Technology Division

The Energetic and CBRN Technology Division is a versatile producer of research and new information related to military explosives, weapon effect, threat of and protection against weapons
of mass destruction, and CBRN protection.

The Energetic and CBRN Technology Division performs research and testing on

  • military explosives
  • explosives safety
  • life cycle of explosives
  • CBRN threat and protection
  • CBRN detection and identification
  • modelling and simulation
  • manufacturing substances, materials and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Human Performance Division

The research, development and service activities of the Human Performance Division focus on multidisciplinarily comprehensive human performance in the Defence Forces’ different operating

The Human Performance Division studies and develops the Defence Forces

  • personnel’s performance requirements and personal appraisal
  • personnel’s performance, its maintenance and restoration.
  • man-machine interaction
  • cyber psychology and
  • working communities.

The Human Performance Division carries out the personal and competence appraisals and surveys needed by the Defence Forces.

The division’s tasks in emergency conditions focus on the provision to the Defence Command of a situation picture involving the troops’ performance capability.

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division supports the building of the Defence Forces’ joint capabilities and produces research information to support the fight for networks and the electromagnetic

The Information Technology Division researches

  • encryption systems
  • radio frequency sensor systems
  • electronic warfare
  • cyber warfare
  • command and control systems.

Weapons Technology Division

The Weapons Technology Division produces reliable information on the performance of military systems in Nothern environmental conditions for developing operating principles and supporting procurement.

The Weapons Technology Division focuses on

  • the use of new sensor technologies incl. hyperspectral sensors, LIDARs and synthetic aperture radars
  • countermeasure systems in particular against missile seekers
  • stealth technologies
  • comprehensive development of Force Protection
  • ballistic protection and weapon effects
  • the exploitation of unmanned and spaceborne systems.
Measurement activity at the testing field. Photo Defence Forces, Jarno Kovamäki. Research activity in the laboratory. Photo Defence Forces, Jarno Kovamäki.