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Research Bulletins

The Defence Reseach Agency is a multidisciplinary research organisation bringing together research and development activities related to warfare, defence material and human performance. Research bulletins intended to provide the latest information on a wide range of issues concerning defence research.

Some of our research bulletins are published in English.

2018:1 New guidance for preparing Russian ‘digital sovereignty’ released

2016:3 On war and perception of war in Russian thinking

2015:1 On the concept of hybrid warfare

Defence Research Agency´s Publication Series

Defence Research Agency´s Publication Series addresses topics of contemporary relevance in the wide field of strategy and warfare, behavioral sciences and different technologies. Research reports, manuals, conference proceedings and thesis for decision makers and other stakeholders.

Some of our publications are published in English.

Puolustusvoimien tutkimuslaitoksen julkaisuja 11 kansikuva

Defence Research Agency´s publication 11:

Juha Kukkola, Mari Ristolainen, Juha-Pekka Nikkarila (edit.):

GAME PLAYER Facing the structural transformation of cyberspace

Tutkimuslaitoksen julkaisuja 10

Defence Research Agency´s publication 10:

Juha Kukkola, Mari Ristolainen, Juha-Pekka Nikkarila:

GAME CHANGER Structural transformation of cyberspace

Defence Research Agency´s publication 8:

Mikko Kiviharju:

Enforcing Role-Based Access Control with Attribute-Based Cryptography in MLS Environments

Defence Research Agency´s publication 6:

Arseniy Svynarenko:

The Russian demography problem and the armed forces: Trends and challenges until 2035