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Conscription matters of people living abroad

The Regional Office of a person living abroad is determined on the basis of his population register municipality.

A Finnish citizen living permanently abroad has, in accordance with the Home Municipality Act, a population register municipality, which is the person’s last home municipality in Finland. If the person has never had a home municipality, his population register municipality is determined on the basis of the home municipality of his mother, father or spouse, in that order. If the parents or the spouse do not, at that point in time, have a home municipality or population register municipality in Finland, the population register municipality is deemed to be Helsinki.

If you are not certain about your Regional Office, you may contact any of the Regional Offices and ask for clarification. Remember to include your full name and date of birth.

In addition to this, the website of the Defence Forces has forms you may need. All cases requiring decisions also require the form to be printed out and signed.