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Defence Command Operations Division

The Operations Division maintains and develops the Finnish Defence Forces' operational command capability and readiness.

It enables

  • operational command of the Finnish Defence Forces
  • securing territorial integrity
  • executing the Standing Defence Plan
  • support to other authorities
  • participating in international military crisis management.

The Operations Division maintains combined national and international operational situational awareness, which enables anticipatory decision-making. The Division draws up

  • the defence plan and necessary operation orders
  • operation plans and orders relating to military crisis management
  • evaluation reports regarding military crisis management operations.

The Operations Division of the Defence Command is led by the Assistant Chief of Staff Operations. The Assistant Chief of Staff Operations leads operational and security activities in the FDF. S/he leads the planning for force production, mobilisation, readiness and preparedness and the development of the Defence Forces joint capabilities S/he is in charge of developing the military service system nationally.