Contacts for the media

The dissemination of FDF press releases

You can order press releases by email from the Finnish Defence Forces' media service.

Your email will function as your username and it is where the press releases will be sent. When you have filled in the request form, a confirmation message will be sent to your email. This message contains further steps by which to confirm your order.

At you can view and subscribe to press releases and register as a new user. We accept media representatives to the service. The public subscription service can be found at

Privacy policy statement for the Finnish Defence Forces’ Media Service.

How to reach us by phone

Our national switch board number is +358 299 800.

All numbers beginning with 0299 are mobile phone numbers. You can send text messages to all direct numbers.

Email addresses

Unless otherwise mentioned, a person's email is in the form

FDF images

Wartime images

Wartime images from the Winter and Continuation War as well as from the Lapland War are available online at Images can be viewed freely and can be used according to the terms of use of the service. The data base contains some 160,000 images. The pictures were published in their digital form in 2013.

Media photos

Media photos attached to press releases are stored in the media service. Media representatives can download those when signed in the mediaservice.

FDF public information organisations

The Defence Command's Public Information Division (Pääesikunnan viestintäosasto)

Fabianinkatu 2 C, 2nd floor


  • Director of Public Information, 
    Colonel Sami Nurmi
    email: sami.h.nurmi (at), mobile +358 299 500 700
  • Deputy Director of the Public Information Division, Lieutenant Colonel Arto Hirvelä

Public information officers

  • Head of Digital Communications, Master of Social Sciences Anna Lind (on leave of absence, substitute Ossian Hartig)
  • Public Information Officer, Web Editor, Master of Arts Katrina Carlson
  • Public Information Officer, Swedish, Licentiate of Social Sciences Henrik Gahmberg
  • Public Information Officer, Finnish, Master of Social Sciences Sirkku Saariaho
  • Public Information Officer Laura Valli (on leave of absence, substitute Helena Immonen)
  • Media Analyst, Master of Social Sciences Jussi Kivioja
  • Press Secretary, Aira Lappalainen

Planning Section

  • Planning Section Chief, Major Vesa Huopana
  • Section Officer, Captain Tommi Kangasmaa
  • Planner, M.Sc, Master of Arts Anna-Maria Länsimies
  • Coordinator, Master of Social Sciences Mikko Harjulehto (on leave of absence)
  • Community Marketing Coordinator, Master of Science (Economics) Ari Lohenoja
  • Public Information Secretary, Marja Säyrä-Sainio

Ruotuväki newspaper

  • Editor-in-Chief, Master of Social Sciences Mikko Ilkko
  • News Editor, Master of Arts Ossian Hartig (on leave of absence, substitute Olli Kemppainen)
  • Web News Editor, Helena Immonen (on leave of absence, substitute Juuso Kurttila)


Establishments subordinate to the Defence Command

Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency (Puolustusvoimien johtamisjärjestelmäkeskus)

Myllyjärventie 10

  • Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Jukka-Pekka Virtanen
  • Public Information Officer, Maija Kauppinen

Defence Forces Defence Research Agency (Puolustusvoimien tutkimuslaitos)

Ylöjärvi office (Ylöjärven yksikkö)
Paroistentie 20

Riihimäki office (Riihimäen yksikkö)
Tykkikentäntie 1

  • Public Information Officer, Sirpa Korpela
  • Information Specialist, Merja Nousiainen

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command (Puolustusvoimien logistiikkalaitos)

Hatanpään valtatie 30
PO BOX 69, 33541 TAMPERE

  • Public Information Chief, Juhani Kauppinen
  • Public Information Officer, Antti Siukola (on leave of absence)

Centre for Military Medicine (Sotilaslääketieteen keskus)

Tykkikentäntie 1, Riihimäki

  • Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Petri Riihijärvi
  • Public Information Officer, Maria Veijalainen

Finnish Army

Army Command (Maavoimien esikunta)

PO BOX 145, 50101 MIKKELI

  • Public Information Officer, Tuuli Harviainen
  • Public Information Officer, Päivi Lohi
  • Public Information Officer, Jere Paldanius
  • Web Public Information Officer, Lauri Paju

Brigade-level units

Jaeger Brigade (Jääkäriprikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Taina Pirinen
Guard Jaeger Regiment (Kaartin jääkärirykmentti)
  • Public Information Officer, Tiina Möttönen
  • Public Information Officer, Maarit Aho
Kainuu Brigade (Kainuun prikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Satu Hujanen
Karelia Brigade (Karjalan prikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Päivi Visuri
Army Academy (Maasotakoulu)
  • Public Information Officer, Sari Pöyhönen
  • Public Information Officer, Kirsi Lauri
Armoured Brigade (Panssariprikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Kirsi Lehto
Pori Brigade (Porin prikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Markus Malila
Utti Jaeger Regiment (Utin jääkärirykmentti)
  • Public Information Officer, Pia Enroos

Finnish Navy

Navy Command (Merivoimien esikunta)

Rykmentintie 15
PO BOX 58, 20811 TURKU

  • Public Information Chief, Annele Apajakari
  • Web Public Information Officer, Hanne Paalanen-Ericsson
  • Public Information Officer, Leeni Pellinen

Brigade-level units

Naval Academy
  • Deputy Director of the Naval Academy, Commander Petri Vähäkangas
Coastal Fleet (Rannikkolaivasto)
  • Chief of Staff, Commander Janne Muurinen
  • Public Information Officer, Nina Soini
Coastal Brigade (Rannikkoprikaati)
  • Chief of Office, First Lieutenant Tatu Vartiainen
  • Public Information Officer, Tuomas Lähteenmäki
Nyland Brigade (Uudenmaan prikaati)
  • Public Information Officer, Hanna Tallberg

Finnish Air Force

Air Force Command (Ilmavoimien esikunta)

Garrison (Varuskunta), Building 300, Tikkakoski

  • Public Information Chief, Master of Social Sciences Joni Malkamäki
  • Public Information Officer, MA Suvi Juurikka
  • Public Information Officer, MA Ville Tuokko

Brigade-level units

Air Force Academy (Ilmasotakoulu)
  • Public Information Secretary, Annukka Ruuska
Lapland Air Command (Lapin lennosto)
  • Public Information Secretary, Minna Pyykönen
Karelia Air Command (Karjalan lennosto)
  • Public Information Secretary, Risto Hyvärinen
Satakunta Air Command (Satakunnan lennosto)
  • Public Information Secretary, Tiina Koivisto

National Defence University

  • Chief of Publication, Managing Editor of Defensor Patriae, Aki Aunala
  • Public Information Officer, Suvi Manelius
  • Public Information Secretary Elina Suominen (on leave of absence) 
  •  Public Information Secretary Helmi Saarela