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Bold Quest 19.1 Develops the Skills and Knowledge of the C5 Branch

Defence Forces C5 Agency
Publication date 24.4.2019 12.25
Press release

Exercise Bold Quest 19.1 is the main event for 2019 for the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency and for the Defence Forces C5 branch in general. The exercise develops a new command and operating model under the command of the C5 Agency, tests the technical interoperability of command systems, and increases the Finnish Defence Forces’ ability to give and receive international assistance.

According to Colonel Harri Suni, the Director of the C5 Agency, the exercise plays an important role in developing the skills of the C5 Agency personnel. Cooperation with the scientific community and the ICT industry opens up many opportunities, and indirectly this also has a positive effect on recruiting the specialists of this field.

In the exercise, all of the people in the C5 branch get to learn new thing; technologies, operating procedures and cooperation in a combined setting.

Despite the significant resources that are required for an exercise like this, we should take advantage of this opportunity to train and develop the know-how and skills of our personnel. An opportunity to participate in an exercise of this scale does not come by often," Colonel Suni says.

Finland is an Internationally Recognised and Knowledgeable Partner

The exercise C4 organisation, Combined Joint C4 Task Force, operates under the command of the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency, its headquarters in Riihimäki. The organisation gathers together all of the C4 actors of the exercise. Riihimäki coordinates building the command networks and connections to both sites in Finland and to sites abroad.

The job of the C4 organisation is to build the combined C4 system and services (BQ Mission Network). The system is based on Finland’s national infrastructure.

The national execution of Bold Quest’s C4 activities will be led by the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency’s Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Colonel Timo Salonen.

"Finland is an internationally recognised, knowledgeable and efficient partner in the C4 field. Giving Finland the responsibility to host Bold Quest is a good indication of that. Exercise Bold Quest 19.1 is an excellent opportunity for the Finnish Defence Forces C5 Agency to verify our current skill level and to collect lessons learned to help further develop ourselves," Lieutenant Colonel Salonen states.

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