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Important instructions related to Covid-19 for conscripts entering military service on 05 July 2021

Defence Forces
18.6.2021 15.13
Press release

The Covid-19 pandemic is still continuing in Finland and the whole world. The Defence Forces applies a 14- day voluntary quarantine with regard to persons arriving in Finland from abroad.

Making trips abroad is not recommended before military service. If you arrive in Finland after 21 June 2021, you will not be allowed to enter your brigade-level unit while in quarantine. Instead, you have to contact your regional office or your brigade-level unit. 

You may enter service only if you are healthy. If you are ill or have been exposed to the coronavirus and  can not report for service at the time instructed, you should get a medical certificate no later than 5 July 2021 and inform your regional office.    

Regional offices have been in contact with persons residing abroad. A recommendation to undergo a voluntary 14-day quarantine in Finland has been sent to persons arriving in Finland to do their military service.

The Defence Forces’ Covid-19 precautions remain in effect.  In garrison conditions the spread of contagious diseases is fast. Precautions are necessary to ensure that conscripts continue to be healthy and the personnel able to function in all circumstances.  The Defence Forces has taken adjusted arrangements into use to ensure that persons liable for military service will start their service and undergo their training in safety. 

Letters providing more precise instructions regarding measures involving the Covid-19 situation and the start of military service, as well as the contact information of brigade-level units and regional offices have been sent to conscripts arriving in Finland for military service. 

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