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Civilian and military jobs

The Finnish Defence Forces employs professionals across different fields in over 1,000 different tasks. Every contribution matters to us. Our high performance standards require skilled military and civilian staff. Societal changes affect our operations by e.g. Increasing demand for experts.


The Finnish Defence Forces employs ~4,500 civilians across Finland in IT, technical, healthcare, administrative and public relations jobs. Half of our civilian staff have a higher education degree, and a roughly the same proportion are women.

We seek professionals in a variety of fields and an appropriate attitude – conscription or women’s voluntary military service experience is not required of civilian applicants. 


Military jobs include various officer, special officer, non-commissioned officer and contractual military personnel duties across Finland. Military staff wear Finnish Defence Forces uniforms and ranks. Military jobs require good physical fitness. The recruitment process includes 12-minute running test with task-specific performance expectations.

Around a quarter of the Defence Forces staff are officers working in command, planning and training. Task rotation and comprehensive continuing training are a part of every officer career. Most officers take part in international duties as well. Officers are trained by the National Defence University. 

The Defence Forces employ circa 800 special officers with relevant higher education degrees and work experience, and who have usually completed non-commissioned officer or reserve officer school. Special officers include e.g. ICT and technical engineers, military chaplains, conductors and doctors. 

The Defence Forces employ ~3,000 non-commissioned officers in command systems, logistics, maintenance, security, maritime and air surveillance, aeronautical technology and military band duties. Non-commissioned officers usually serve as trainers and supervisors. 

Many non-commissioned officers and officers began their Defence Forces careers as contractual military personnel. Most often contractual military personnel are discharged reservists who apply for Defence Forces trainer duties for 6 to 12 months. If you have questions regarding contractual military vacancies, please contact the relevant brigade-level unit. 

Defence Forces jobs have requirements stated in each vacancy listing. Applicants must meet the requirements. The Defence Forces’ general eligibility criteria apply to all applicants. These criteria include Finnish citizenship, general appointment criteria and trustworthiness. 

Civilian jobs (non-military jobs) do not require conscription or women's voluntary military service experience. Relevant training and experience is required, however. 

General eligibility criteria for military jobs include completed conscription or women's voluntary military service as well as appropriate physical fitness and health. In addition, the applicant may not have significant foreign interests as defined in the Finnish Security Clearance Act.