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Finnish Defence Forces to participate in Aurora 23 exercise in Southern Sweden

Defence Forces
Publication date 17.4.2023 13.06
Press release

The Finnish Defence Forces will participate in the Swedish Armed Forces main exercise Aurora in Southern Sweden from 1 to 11 May. Participation develops interoperability and deepens cooperation with Sweden and international partners.

More than 1,000 soldiers from the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as the Defence Forces Logistics Command, will participate in the exercise.

Aurora 23 exercise led by the Swedish Armed Forces is the largest exercise organised in Sweden in many years, in which approximately 26,000 people from 14 different nations participate. In addition to the military, Swedish civil authorities also participate in the exercise. Participation in the Aurora exercise is part of the Defence Forces' 2023 international training and exercise activities approved by the Ministry of Defence.

Colonel Kari Pietiläinen, the Chief of Training, says that the exercise is an important part of deepening the cooperation between Finland and Sweden.

– The exercise develops Finland's and Sweden's ability to conduct joint operations on land, at sea and in the air. Deepening cooperation is also important for both parties during NATO membership, Pietiläinen emphasizes.

Colonel Pietiläinen says that multinational exercises are important in developing the international interoperability.

– Exercises in a multinational framework also develop our readiness for national defence. With NATO membership, the Finnish Defence Forces will train even more with allies and international partners in the future. 

The Defence Forces detachment is the largest of the international partner nations

From the Defence Forces, troops from all branches and the Logistics Command participate in the exercise. Around 700 soldiers from the Army are taking part in the exercise: a jaeger battalion from the Pori brigade and an anti-aircraft division from the Armoured Brigade. The Army troops are operating in the exercise under the leadership of a Swedish brigade.

The Navy participates in the exercise with the mine sweeper vessel Purunpää, two Hamina-class missile crafts and multi-purpose vessel Louhi, which serves as a support vessel. In addition to battleships, there are coastal troops from the Nyland Brigade and the Coastal Brigade with their boat equipment.

About 100 people from the Air Force are participating in the exercise, including F/A 18 Hornet multi-role fighters and Hawk jet trainers.

The Logistics Command implements the national support needed by the troops in cooperation with the branches and the Swedish Armed Forces. Finnish experts also participate in the exercise's cyber defence simulations.

Aurora 23

• An exercise under the leadership of the Swedish Armed Forces, in which approximately 26,000 people participate.
• The exercise will be organised in southern Sweden, including maritime areas from 17 April to 11 May.
• Soldiers from 14 nations participate in the exercise. Among the international partners, Finland, the United States and the United Kingdom will account for the the largest troops.
• In addition to soldiers, Swedish civil authorities also participate in the exercise.

Follow the exercise!

The exercise can be followed online with hashtag #aurora23. Follow the Finnish troops on the Defence Forces channels:

Read more about the exercise on the Swedish Armed Forces' website