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Conscription continues in the reserve – from the Defence Forces to the reserve 1,303

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Publication date 14.9.2022 8.28
Press release

On Wednesday, September 14, 1,303 conscripts will end their conscript service and be transferred to the reserve. Now 84 of the returning are women. The conscription period continues until the end of the year in which the conscript reaches the age of 60.

The conscripts who are now transferred to the reserve are privates which have served in tasks that require special skills, and the period of service in these duties is 255 days. 15 percent of all conscripts are trained for special tasks. Specially trained conscripts serve, for example, in the legal and ecclesiastical fields, as well as in the areas of communication, information technology, medicine and intelligence, as well as in military science research.

Of those now home engaged, 860 have served in the Army, 321 in the Navy and 122 in Air Force Troop Units.

In special assignments, conscripts have the opportunity to make use of their own civilian skills, deepen their skills and gain work experience and contacts for the future. The application is open to all conscripts and special knowledge is tested if necessary in an entrance examination or interview. You can apply for the positions both when the position starts and during the first weeks of service.

Those from the crew selected for special tasks will be transferred to their duties immediately after the training branch period and conscript commanders after leadership training. Those selected for leadership training can apply for specific duties during the non-commissioned officer or reserve officer course. The term of service is 255 days and for those undergoing leadership training 347 days.