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Aurora 23 for the media

During the exercise, several media events will be held that media representatives are welcome to follow. The media events will be coordinated by Sweden, which is the host country for the exercise.
Participation in media events requires pre-registration. More detailed information and instructions on how to register can be found on the Finnish Defence Forces' website External link.

Finnish troops will participate in at least the following media events. The list can still be updated.

General questions about the Defence Forces' exercise participation will be answered by planner Mikko Harjulehto. +358 299 500 713

Questions about the exercise participation of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Logistics Command are answered by: 
Army: Communications Specialist Erika Koskinen, +358 299 412 354
Navy: Communications Specialist Markus Malila +358 299 301 831
Air Force: Communications Specialist Eleonoora Hilska +358 299 291 132
Logistics Command: Captain Tommi Kangasmaa +358 299 570 129

The e-mail addresses of the Defence Forces' contact persons take the form [email protected]