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Defence Command Finland Training Department

Defence Command Finland Training Department is responsible for the personnel's competence and operational capability and the coordination of the troops' training and exercise activities.

The Education Department supports the training of the impactful wartime troops. The Education Department holds the overall responsibility for the abilities and operating conditions of conscripts and personnel.

The department

•    governs the Defence Forces' training system
•    directs the Defence Forces' training and exercise activities
•    guides the Defence Forces' maintenance and development of personnel's operational capacity
•    Directs the voluntary military defense training
•    directs occupational and occupational safety activities
•    directs the development of learning environments and information services for conscripts.

The department's and the sector's focus for 2018-2021 is the Education 2020 programme. The organization of the Defence Command Finland Training Department consists of the management and three sectors: the planning sector the education sector and the functional sector. The sectors prepare the department's products according to the management's directives.