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Vienna Document

The Vienna Document is a document that furthers the exchange of military information between the signatory parties.

The document was last updated in 2011 and this latest version is known as VD11. According to the document, signatories must exchange information on the following topics:

  • the strength and location of their troops and equipment in Europe
  • developments in their defence policy
  • new materiel procurements
  • any military activity that is not within their normal activities

Based on the Vienna Document, countries visit each others' air bases and other designated military locations.

In addition to the inspections stated in the document, Finland has a bilateral agreement with Russian concerning additional evaluations. Finland has the equal right to make visits as well as receive visits.

Finland and the Vienna Document


  • is ready to host three inspections a year
  • is ready to host one evaluation a year
  • carries out 3-5 evaluations and inspections in other countries
  • participates in 2-6 events stated in the document