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International command and control system seminar in Helsinki

Defence Command
Publication date 28.2.2018 9.00
Press release

In cooperation with NATO’s operational headquarters, the Finnish Defence Forces will host this year’s Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Seminar from 28 February to 1 March 2018 in Helsinki.

Participants from a total of 34 NATO and partner countries are expected to attend. The seminar forms part of the multilateral defence cooperation included in the Finnish government’s Report on Foreign and Security Policy. Bi-lateral and multilateral defence cooperation is an important part of the maintenance, development and use of Finland's defence capability as well as the capability for prevention. The capability to receive military assistance is also an important part of the development of defence. As part of this cooperation, Finland develops the compatibility of information networks and command and control system services with the help of the federated mission network (FMN) concept initiated by NATO.

Finland arranged a similar conference on the federation of NATO’s and NATO countries’ command and control systems (NNEC NATO Network Enabled Capabilities) in the spring of 2011 in Helsinki. Federated mission networking develops the capability to support command and control and decision-making. It is used to produce the capability for flexible command and control that fulfils the demands of multinational operations in different security environments.

The guiding principles of FMN include cost awareness and the use of existing systems and standards. The aim of FMN is to enable the capability of multinational troops to operate, communicate and train together. Finland has participated in FMN cooperation already for several years and reached the first phase of technical and functional capability in accordance with FMN objectives during 2016.

General information on the FMN website