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International cooperation in Finnish airspace

Defence Forces
Publication date 23.3.2023 11.12
Press release

The Finnish Defence Forces carries out surveillance flights in Finnish airspace together with key international partners. The first flight will be conducted in cooperation with the United States on Thursday 23 March 2023.

There have been no changes in Finland's military security situation or environment in the recent past. Flight operations with international partners is art of normal bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The flights develop the interoperability of the Finnish Defence Forces, improve the common situational awereness and strengthen national defence. The flights show a mutual commitment to developing defence cooperation.

For operational security reasons, the details of the flights cannot be published.

Similar flights in Finnish airspace will be carried out in the future as well with different types of aircraft, both unmanned and manned. The flights are carried out under national direction and supervision, in accordance with Finnish national laws and regulations.