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Finland hosts a base visit in accordance with the Vienna Document

Defence Command
25.11.2021 10.57
Press release

Finland will host a base visit in accordance with the Vienna Document (VD11) of the Jaegerbrigade and Lapland Air Command on 22-26 November 2021. The army's latest equipment was presented at an operations show in Rovajärvi on 25 November.

The date of the base visit has been postponed twice during the five-year period (2016-2021) due to the coronavirus pandemic, in May and October 2020. The last time a base visit to Finland was made was in 2015. Base visits are part of normal arms control measures.

The purpose of the base visit is to support the implementation of arms control measures and to encourage OSCE participating countries to find ways to enable arms control measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the base visit, the operations of Lapland air traffic control and the Jaegerbrigade will be presented with general presentations of the exercises and the base. The 155 mm K9 MOUKARI armored howitzer and the 120 mm XA-361 AMOS armored grenade launcher will be presented to OSCE participating countries in the Rovajärvi firing range as part of the army's influence exercise.

The base visit was attended by 47 people from 26 countries.

Guests have been impressed by the performance of finnish soldiers in challenging Arctic conditions. Brigadier General Peter Braunstein, head of the German Arms Control Organization, has often raised the issue of motivation, dedication and outstanding performance of Finnish paid personnel, especially reservists and conscripts, in challenging circumstances. Guests have also praised the transparency and opennessof the units in the conduct of the event.

Finland is a reliable and credible member of an open international community

As a member of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Finland has ratified the Vienna Document of 2011 (Vienna Document 2011, VD11).

In accordance with the Agreement, each Member State is obliged to present, within a five-year period, an army and air force unit to representatives from other Member States.

In the spirit of the Vienna Document, the purpose of the demonstration of troop units and bases is to increase transparency between Member States, with a view to further reducing military tensions between countries.

The OSCE is one of the largest regional security organizations in the world, with 57 participating countries covering the geographic area from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

Finland has been a member of the EEC organisation and the previous EEC Conference since its inception. Finland signed the Helsinki Agreement in 1975 at the same time as 34 other countries.