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Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces on a working visit to the United States

Defence Forces
Publication date 18.7.2022 14.00
Press release

The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Timo Kivinen, will visit the United States on 18 and 19 July 2022.

The purpose of General Kivinen's visit is to discuss current issues with representatives of the U.S. Defense Administration. Lieutenant Colonel Ville Halonen from the Defence Command Finland takes part in the Commander's journey.

The United States is an important and close partner for Finland, with whom defence cooperation improves Finland's defence capability. The development of interoperability and communication between the Finnish Defence Forces and the United States is intense. U.S. Army troops participate in the army exercises currently underway in Finland in southern and northern Finland.

The areas of defence cooperation between Finland and the United States include extensive defence policy dialogue, intensified and deepened material cooperation, including military security of supply, information exchange, capability cooperation, training and exercise activities, research cooperation, and the development of preparedness and interoperability. New technologies, and in particular the competence of the United States, are emphasized in the development of military capabilities.