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Guard Jaeger Regiment will undertake training in Kvarn, Sweden

Guard Jaeger Regiment 2.5.2018 14.28
Press release

A training exercise for conducting combat in built-up areas, the exercise Kvarn 18 will enhance the overall performance capability of urban jaegers trained for defending the capital area and Uusimaa region.

The exercise Kvarn 18 will be led by the Guard Jaeger Regiment to be carried out in Kvarn, Sweden, from 13 to 19 May 2018. Altogether, this exercise will incorporate approximately 300 conscripts and personnel partaking from Finland complemented by a platoon-size number of Swedish participating personnel.

As such, the training implementation in this excellently instrumented, well-equipped urban warfare training environment will enable conducting realistic combat missions in a built-up area allowing for calibrated measuring of urban jaegers’ performance capability and providing conscripts with feedback. In addition, this exercise will facilitate developing troops’ mobilisation and concentration as part of international exercises.

Led by Commander of the Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Niko Hölttä, the exercise Kvarn 18 is part of the Finnish Army’s International Exercise Activities for 2018 as well as the bilateral (FISE) cooperation between the Finnish and Swedish Armies. Over the past years, this cooperation has intensified, and, as of 2016, the Guard Jaeger Regiment annually undertakes training in Kvarn.

It is possible to follow the exercise online: @KaartinJR
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