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Vattajanniemi, Lohtaja

Firings notice

Finnish Defence Forces will be firing air defence weapons at Lohtaja firing range 18 May 2022 07.00 hrs - 21 May 2022 24.00 hrs and operate with 2A-calss aerial targets 22 May – 24 May

The dangerous area is bordered in the south and west at Hakunti - Paskalaaka - Trullögrundet, from where it extends towards west for 5 km, onwards 15 km to northwest, 11 km to north and 21 km to northeast. Northern border starts at Ohtakari, where it extends 8 km north, and continues 22 km northwest. Krunni is included in the dangerous area only from 18 May to 21 May. Because of eye safety, it is prohibited to view any aircrafts involved in this exercise with binoculars or other optical magnifying devices. The firing range will be closed during 17 May 16.00 hrs - 26 May 12.00 hrs.

The firing is carried out by Air Force Academy.

For more details, call 0299 442 191 or 0299 431 402..

The map information for shootings notices is suggested information about where in Finland the shooting occurs. Please always check the exact area described in the text.