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Huusko, Janne

Date and place of birth
1 OCT 1969, Raisio

Two children

Military rank 

Military education
2019 National Defence Course
2009 Course for Superior Staff
2000-2001 General Staff Officers Course, National Defence College
1999-2000 Staff Officers Course, National Defence College
1989 - 1992 Cadet School
1988 - 1989 Military Service as Conscript

2021 Commodore
2017 Captain (Navy)
2009 Commander
2001 Lieutenant Commander
1998 Captain (Army)
1993 First Lieutenant
1991 Lieutenant
1989 Second Lieutenant

Main Assignments
2022 Assistant Chief of Staff Operations (J3)
2019 CO Coastal Brigade
2018 Chief of Operations, Navy Command Finland (SEP-DEC2018)
2017 ACOS N3, Chief of Current Operations, Navy Command Finland
2016 Deputy Director, Finnish Defence Intelligence Agency
2015 ACOS N2, Chief of Naval Intelligence, 
2014 Chief Counter Intelligence Plans and Policy Sector, J2, Defence Command
2012 DACOS, Investigation Division, Defence Command
2012 DCOM, Joint Regional Detachment Center, KFOR, Kosovo
2010 CO Turku Coastal Battalion, Archipelago Sea Naval Command
2007 Chief of Naval Intelligence / Leader of Intelligence Sector, N3, Navy Command Finland
2006 ACOS, NORCAPS Planning Element, Täby, Sweden
2004 Chief Sea Surveillance and Intelligence, Archipelago Sea Naval Command
2001 Chief Surveillance Sector, Material Division, Navy Command Finland
1999 Student, Staff Officers Course and General Staff Officers Course, National Defence College
1998 Staff Officer, Naval Academy
1997 Cadet Course Director, Coastal Artillery School
1995 Cadet Course Instructor, Coastal Artillery School
1994 Deputy Commander, Kuuskajaskari Coastal Fort
1992 Platoon Commander, Kuuskajaskari Coastal Fort

2021 Cross of Merit of the Navy
2020 Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland
2020 Cold Medal of Merit of the Reservists’ Association
2020 Cross of Merit of The Finnish Naval Reserve 
2017 Medal of Merit of the Cadet Corps
2015 Medal for Military Merits
2013 National Defence Medal
2012 Non-Article 5 NATO Medal
2011 Coastal Defence Medal
2008 Knight, First Class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland

Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian (basics)