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Russia to conduct an Open Skies observation flight in Finland

Defence Command
Publication date 17.8.2020 13.00
Press release

Russia will be conducting an Open Skies observation flight in Finland 17 - 21 August 2020. The mission conforms to the Treaty on Open Skies.

Open Skies is a treaty that aims to promote transparency and security in Europe. The treaty allows the signatories to conduct observation flights and take aerial photographs over the territories of its member states when these have been planned and announced beforehand. Finland signed the agreement in February 2003.

Due to the coronavirus, requirement for entry into the country is that individuals have a certificate of negative COVID19 PCR test result, which taken no less than 72 hours before arrival in the country. Upon arrival in Finland, the test is renewed by measures of the Centre for Military Medicine. Finns in the host group are tested as well. After the test, both groups go to isolation-like conditions until the test results are clear (approximately 24 hours).

Information to the Editors

Inquiries in connection with the case are answered by Major Antti-Ville Rusanen from the Defence Command Finland, Phone 0299 800 (Switch Board)