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A report on the decontamination of respirators has been published

Defence Forces
15.5.2020 15.08
Press release

The investigation on the decontamination of respirators and other personal protective equipments, implemented under the leadership of Finnish Defence Force, concluded on May 8. The report has been sent to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Health, and is accessible on the website of the Finnish Defence Force.

The results of decontamination piloting in large scale, carried out with hydrogen peroxide vapour, indicate that the respirators are microbiologically clean and they meet standard criteria for their technical properties, such as the filtering capacity, function of the straps, as well as the appropriate function of the valve, and fit.

Memorandum and proposal for the reuse of FFP2 and FFP3 respirators after decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapour

Full report (only in Finnish)