The Finnish Defence Forces

EU Military Committee Working Groups’ Unofficial Meeting in Helsinki

Defence Forces 9.10.2019 9.13 | Published in English on 9.10.2019 at 16.15
Press release

Finland holds the EU Presidency from 1st of July to 31st of December 2019. Two special themes have been named for the field of defence during this Presidency. Those themes are digitalisation and artificial intelligence in defence, and responding to hybrid threats.

In relation to Finland’s Presidency the EU Military Committee Working Groups (EUMCWG) / Headline Goal Task Force (HTF) are visiting Helsinki 8-10 October 2019. The members of the working groups are the deputy defence/military attachés and senior specialists of the member states stationed in Brussels.  The working groups prepare issues to be decided by the EU Military Committee.

During the unofficial meeting the working groups will be familiarized with the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish comprehensive security concept, and digitalisation and artificial intelligence in defence  Additionally, they will visit the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats and the Guard Jaeger Regiment.