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Contingent 2/24 will begin their service

Defence Forces
Publication date 5.7.2024 8.00
Press release

On Monday 8th of July 2024, the new conscripts will start their conscription service in the units of the Finnish Defence Forces and in the Finnish Border Guard. There are 12, 000 new conscripts in the contingent 2/24 from whom around 600 will be women.

Of the new conscripts, around 10, 000 will join the Finnish Army. About 1600 conscripts will start their conscription service in the navy. The remaining conscripts will join the Finnish Border Guard and the Air Forces. Swedish-speaking conscripts will start their service mainly in the Uusimaa Brigade. 

There are more than 660 different tasks in the Finnish conscription service, and every conscript will find a task that matches his or her skills and abilities. In addition, the conscript service develops one’s important civilian skills, such as teamwork and leadership skills. 


High national will to defend as the basis of Finnish national defence


The Finnish conscription system is internationally respected. Over the past year, visitors from several countries have travelled to Finland to learn about the Finnish conscription service. Finnish conscripts have also performed excellently in international exercises. 

An effective conscription service system ensures the readiness and operational capability of the Finnish Defence Forces in all situations. The final survey of conscripts shows a very high level of commitment to national defence, and satisfaction with the quality of the training provided during the conscription service.