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Commander of the Defence Forces to the NATO Military Committee meeting in Brussels

Defence Forces
Publication date 18.1.2023 8.00 | Published in English on 18.1.2023 at 8.34
Press release

The Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Timo Kivinen, will participate in the meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Brussels, Belgium, from 18 to 19 January.

The meeting of the Military Committee will be attended by the Defence Chiefs of NATO member countries and the commanders of the Finnish and Swedish armed forces.
The meeting will discuss, among other things, the alliance's security challenges and the development of defense capabilities. There will also be discussions on the situation of the war in Ukraine and on aid to Ukraine.

Additional information about the meeting: 

The Military Committee (MC) is responsible for NATO's highest military decision-making and prepares military advice for the North Atlantic Council (NAC). The Military Committee, along with the North Atlantic Council, is one of the alliance's most important working bodies. The Committee meets regularly with representatives of the armed forces of the Member States and three times a year with the commanders of the armed forces. The chairman of the NATO Military Committee is the highest military figure in the alliance.