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Belgium conducts arms control inspection in Finland

Defence Command
17.11.2021 8.00
Press release

Belgium, in accordance with the OSCE Vienna Document 2011, conducts an inspection for increased trust and security in Finland from 16 to 19 November 2021. The members of the inspection team have diplomatic status.

In the area ordered inspection there are the following troop units: The Jaeger Brigade and the Lapland Air Command. Also subject to inspection are the Army's ongoing operative exercises.

The purpose of the inspection is to establish that, in the areas ordered inspection, are no military activities which, according to the Vienna Document, should have been reported on in advance. Inspection activities are part of normal arms surveillance activities. Corresponding inspections are carried out in Finland a few times a year and Finland carry out corresponding inspections to other Member States.

Editors to the attention:
Inquiries in connection with the case are answered by Major Antti-Ville Rusanen from the Defence Command Finland, tel. +358 (0)299 800 (switchboard).