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Finland and Sweden to participate in joint naval exercise

Publication date 25.4.2016 16.55
Press release

The cooperation between the Finnish and Swedish naval forces is being developed every year in a joint naval exercise. This year the SWEFINEX will be hosted by the Swedish Navy and it will take place in the waters around Gotland during the period 16–24 May 2016.

During the first phase of the exercise, the navies will be training in fields of naval warfare: surface warfare, firing, the use of missile fire and mine warfare. The tactical phase of the exercise will start in the second week, when the units will operate in an exercise scenario. The command language of the exercise will be English.

This year Sweden will participate with Visby-class vessels, Mine Counter-Measure Vessels, a submarine and support vessels. Finland will participate with a mine layer, fast attack missile craft, Katanpää-class Mine Hunter Coastal vessels and support vessel Louhi. About 250 persons will participate in the exercise from Finland.

The aim of the joint training exercise is to deepen the capabilities of the Finnish and Swedish naval forces to develop the command and cooperation capabilities of their future joint naval force, the SFNTG (Swedish-Finnish Naval Task Group).